Park 'Excited' About Arc-Based Storytelling

By Caillan
September 18, 2003 - 10:16 PM

Enterprise's focus on the Xindi story arc in season three has been given a hearty thumbs-up from cast member Linda Park (Hoshi Sato).

"I'm excited about working on an arc, because I think that's integral for people to get hooked on a television show," Park told Star Trek Monthly's Abbie Bernstein (via Sci-Fi Pulse). "If you look at the most popular shows on TV, Alias or 24, these are all shows that have an arc."

By not having all plots wrapped up by the end of the hour, Enterprise can really flesh out the stories, Park said. "With all the advertisements on television, you don't even have an hour to tell a story really, it's about 40 minutes, and that's not enough time to wrap it up," she said. "So what we need to do is almost see an episode as six episodes."

The mysteries of the Delphic Expanse should provide the perfect opportunity for Enterprise's communications officer to play a vital role in the ship's missions. "What I would like to see is Hoshi being out in the field more," Park said. "Now that we're in a place where we don't know what kind of species are going to be out there, her skills as a linguist should really come into play."

The full article, in which several other cast members talk about their hopes for season three, can be found in issue 109 of Star Trek Monthly, out now. Alternatively, excerpts are available at Sci-Fi Pulse.

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