Old Shatner Unrecognizable To Current Shatner

By T'Bonz
August 18, 2008 - 5:43 AM

Looking back on his work on the original series is a bit off-putting to the seventy-seven-year-old William Shatner.

As reported by The Times-South Africa, the young man of the 1960s is a stranger to Shatner. "Heís a complete stranger," said Shatner. "Not only is he physically foreign, emotionally I donít know where I was at that time. There's also a certain amount of revulsion involved. How could I have looked that young? What happened? I should have taken more vitamins. It's totally science-fictional."

Shatner has always lived life to the fullest, engaging in various adventurous activities ranging from flying a stunt plane to racing a car. He offers this advice for enjoying the experience, whatever it may be. "In striving to experience things, you may be rushing the experience. That carries with it the seeds of its own displeasure, and you have to guard against that."

Shatner's role as Kirk led to fame for the Canadian actor. When he got into acting, he never thought that he was destined to be famous. "I never had any expectation," he said. "I attribute a great deal of it all to luck. I think the pursuit of success is environmental; I had wonderful parents who encouraged and supported me and taught me the value of money and hard work."

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