Catsuits and Catfights and Characters, Oh My!

By Michelle
August 18, 2003 - 7:05 PM

Enterprise is preparing for the fall season with more fighting and possible romance, according to Scott Bakula (Archer) and Jolene Blalock (T'Pol).

"See this bruise, this one?" asked Blalock in an Associated Press article at "I love every one of them."

Blalock said that there would definitely be more action this fall on the show, including a catfight in the episode "Rajiin", which was being filmed at the time of the interview.

The article described T'Pol's new outfits as consisting of bright pastels rather than the drab browns of previous seasons. Her hairstyle is "slightly longer, slightly lighter", according to Blalock, who added, "But, of course, I wouldn't want to cover my ears!"

Connor Trinneer, who plays Trip Tucker, said that so far the only intimacy between his character and Blalock's has been a backrub, but added, "I think it's great to have that character let her hair down a little bit."

Though Tucker is having to cope with the death of his sister in last season's finale, Trinneer is spared some of the physical ravages of his character's struggles with aliens: his stunt double takes vases to the head for him while Trinneer receives fake wounds from the makeup department.

Bakula said that a "great shot of adrenaline" has been injected into the series this fall, and called it "crazy fun."

For more details on season three set antics, see the full article here.

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