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By Lisa
August 18, 2001 - 7:31 PM

  • The Official Star Trek site has posted a report detailing the agreement reached with British TV channel Sky One to show Enterprise.

    "The Star Trek franchise continues to prove immensely popular with U.K. viewers, and we are delighted that the latest installment's first U.K. showing will be on Sky One, its rightful home," Sky Television deputy director Kate Marsh said.

    For more details, head over to Star

  • Also at the official site is a report on Kate Mulgrew's (Kathryn Janeway) husband Tim Hagan entering the race to become governor of Ohio.

  • Another article on Hagan entering the race for governor can be found at the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

  • Finally at Star, several new official desktop wallpapers are available to download.

  • has been updated with a new report on the recent Voyager: The Return convention.

  • The Dark Horizons web site posted a rumour that Next Generation DVDs will be available next year.

    Star Trek: TNG, is in the works, and he gave me February for the release of the First Season on DVD. The second season would follow in April and they plan on releasing each season over the next year.

  • Trekiverse the largest collection of Star Trek fan fiction on the internet has a brand new search function, making finding stories easier than ever.

  • The latest Top Ten List at's Star Trek fans explores the subject of Maybeline's Premiere Lipsticks for Fall 2561, including:

    Antimatter Blush and Giant Amoebae Pink

  • The ultimate site for Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) news on the web has a brand new url. You can now access Pam's great site via

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