Braga: Viewers May Have Had Enough of Star Trek

By Michelle
July 18, 2004 - 1:45 AM

Brannon Braga, executive producer of Star Trek: Enterprise, called the show's ratings "an enormously complicated issue" and wondered whether viewers have had their fill of Star Trek.

Speaking to Dreamwatch (via TrekWeb), Braga said that there was no doubt that the franchise had lost viewers over the past decade and more.

"You've got to put it in the context of ratings in general if you're going to compare the numbers for Enterprise to the numbers for The Next Generation," he said. "Very few people had cable and there was no satellite TV. Things are different now."

"Having said that," he admitted, "We have lost a lot of our audience since Enterprise premiered." Though he said that he did not believe it had to do with the quality of the show, he added, "Even when we do an episode like 'Twilight', it's still the 700th episode of Star Trek." He and his fellow writers "value the four million people who are still watching Enterprise loyally every week, which is nothing to sneeze at."

Issue #118 of Dreamwatch is currently on sale. Thanks to TrekWeb for these excerpts.

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