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By Caillan
July 18, 2003 - 11:12 PM

Hello World!

Well, once again the best comedy series on television has been completely ignored by the Emmys. Yes, my beloved Gilmore Girls were snubbed again!

Instead we have shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm up for best comedy. Personally, I found it pretentious, quite offensive and not in the least bit funny. I know it's supposed to be an improvised show (with storylines laid out before hand), but it's badly improvised.

Of course, then we have Everybody Loves Raymond, and avid readers will know that title is a complete misnomer: it should be Everybody Except Caillan Loves Raymond. I really don't know why people go wild over this, as it seems like mediocre sitcom fare to me.

Let's turn our attention to other Gilmore Girls injustices. No Lauren Graham. And how anyone thinks the over-the-top histrionics of Megan Mullally on Will & Grace are better than the pitch-perfect performances GG's Kelly Bishop delivers week after week is beyond me. Also: Peter Boyle from ELR over GG's Edward Hermann? No writing nod for Amy Sherman-Palladino?Please...

Will I get over this eventually? Probably, but give me a week.

Now that I've insulted the fans of ELR, CYE and W&G, let's turn to the drama front. The West Wing once again was recognised in numerous categories, and I hope it wins drama series again to stuff it to those crtics who say the show has gone down the drain this season - I think season four, so far, has been better than season three, with the exception of all things "Swiss". (Of course, I am aware of the irony that those same critics champion Gilmore Girls).

There wasn't the landslide for TWW in the supporting categories this year, but I felt the ones they did pick were slightly off, based on what I've seen so far. Stockard Channing has yet to have a meaty role in season four (again, this could change as I see more episodes), and I would have picked Janel Maloney as my WW nominee in that area - she's done some great stuff this season. Thankfully there was no sign of Mary Louise Parker.

In supporting actor, I would have replaced John Spencer and Bradley Whitford with Richard Schiff and Joshua Malina. Schiff has been superb this season, and Malina really impressed me with his performances in the "Inauguration" episodes.

Good to see Alias well represented again, even though I've yet to see its second season. And that provides a perfect lead-in to my next topic: Alias' first season coming on DVD to Australia in September! Of course, it's released only a week after The West Wing's second season, so I'll be very poor that month.

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Trek Two Years Ago

These were some of the major news items in mid-July, 2001:

  • UPN Promo Shows First 'Broken Bow' Footage
    UPN gave the world its first glimpse of the NX-01 crew in action when it broadcast a new Enterprise trailer featuring footage from "Broken Bow". The promo included shots of Archer and Trip on the bridge, T'Pol in the decontamination room, and Archer and Sarin kissing.

  • Ryan To Play Former Lawyer In 'Boston Public'
    Fox entertainment president Gail Berman announced that Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) would be joining the cast of Boston Public in its second season. Ryan's character, Ronnie Cook, is a lawyer who decides to give it all up to become a teacher.

  • 'Enterprise' Cast Talks Trek Inspirations
    Jeff 'Koganuts' Koga attended the UPN portion of the Television Critics Association Press tour and spoke to several members of the Enterprise cast. Asked whether they had seen Trek before, they all professed love for the original series, except for Linda Park (Hoshi Sato), who grew up on The Next Generation.

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Kirk's crew in 'Trials and Tribble-ations' (DS9) 45.7% - (934 Votes)
Scotty in 'Relics' (TNG) 14.9% - (305 Votes)
Spock in 'Unification' (TNG) 12.5% - (256 Votes)
Sulu in 'Flashback' (VOY) 5.7% - (118 Votes)
Troi in 'Pathfinder' (VOY) 4.1% - (84 Votes)
Riker in 'Defiant' (DS9) 3.7% - (77 Votes)
LaForge in 'Timeless' (VOY) 2.5% - (53 Votes)
Pike's crew in 'The Cage' (TOS) 2.5% - (53 Votes)
Picard in 'Emissary' (DS9) 2.5% - (53 Votes)
Holodoc in 'Doctor Bashir, I Presume' (DS9) 2.2% - (46 Votes)
Riker in 'Death Wish' (VOY) 1.1% - (23 Votes)
Tuvok in 'Through The Looking Glass' (DS9) 0.6% - (14 Votes)
Bashir in 'Birthright' (TNG) 0.5% - (12 Votes)
Quark in 'Caretaker' (VOY) 0.3% - (8 Votes)
Quark in 'Firstborn' (TNG) 0.2% - (6 Votes)

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