Comedy To Showcase Life Of Gene Roddenberry

By Lisa
July 18, 2001 - 1:59 PM

Usually known as the person responsible for creating the on screen action, Gene Roddenberry is about to become the subject of a new play at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Entitled 'I am Star Trek,' the play will showcase the totally unauthorised life and works of Roddenberry. It invites the audience to "Follow Gene's life-long mission: to seduce every woman he meets, to cheat every friend he makes and to boldly create the greatest science fiction TV show ever."

Described as a 'no holes barred comedy,' the play explores the career highs and lows of the man responsible for creating the Star Trek franchise, illustrated through scenes taken from the series. "Roddenberry believed that 'Star Trek' is a show about 'optimism and people living up to their greatest potential,'" said the play's official web site. "Ironic really, given that most of us think it's about tight costumes and ham acting,"

"Gene is most generously described as a 'complex individual'. To say he was merely a visionary fails to do him justice: he was a committed humanist but also an inveterate womaniser," continues the site. "Not content merely to betray his best friends, he stole their ideas too. We celebrate his creativity, marvel at his high warp-factor personality and probe gingerly into some of the less tasteful recesses of his character."

'I am Star Trek' will feature many characters familiar to Trek fans. Herb Solow, Majel Barrett, Bob Justman and Darth Vader will all be played by various actors in the production. It is directed by Damien Scully and Emma Davies and was written by Rick Vorndran.

The play is produced by the Skullduggery Theatre Company, a London-based professional theatre company, who have previously performed at the Edinburgh and New York Fringe festivals. Tickets cost £8, or £6 concessions. The play will be performed from 1st to 26 th August at 18:40 at Venue 34. More information on the play and how to book can be found at the official web site. Thanks go out to TrekWeb for this news.

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