Julia Houston Celebrates Three-Year Anniversary

By Christian
July 18, 2000 - 11:56 PM

Julia Houston over at About.com's Star Trek Fans has posted a feature dealing with a very special event - her leather anniversary as the site's Star Trek Guide. Take a look:

I would say I can't believe it, but...actually it really does feel like three years since I started at the About.com (then The Mining Co.) Guide to Star Trek Fans. In other words...I've been busy! And I'm having a wonderful time...and for one reason only: all the other Star Trek fans out there.

So this is my annual attempt to turn my fanatic gaze from the shows and films to you guys, because my only other alternative for doing something special to celebrate my anniversaries is talking about myself, and...well...bleh.

In past years I've talked about poll trends and certain traits fans have in common. This year, I'm focusing on all the great contributions Trekkers and Trekkies make here at Star Trek Fans, and on some of those fantastic Websites out there that I use to "whip" myself out of any sense of complacency regarding my own site.

For the full article, please follow this link. Congratulations go out to Julia, of course - I'm looking very much forward to the next 3 years.

Also new at the site is a new list, 'Top Surprises of Voyager Season Seven', containing no less than 38 entries, such as "Voyager finally runs out of shuttles" and "In a moment reminiscent of Homer Simpson, Paris discovers he's been driving the wrong way for the past seven years".

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