Biller On November Telefilm & Voyager Homecoming

By Christian
July 18, 2000 - 2:53 PM

Gregory L. Norris and Laura A. Van Vleet at Cinescape have posted part two of their interview with 'Voyager' executive producer Kenneth Biller, with some more new info on Voyager's 7th season.

As expected, Reginald Barclay will turn up early in the seventh season and most likely again as the series nears it end. We will probably also see Deanna Troi in those episodes, though this is not certain yet.

Completely new is the first info on 'Flesh and Blood', the two-hour Voyager television movie airing in November. In it, 'Voyager' encounters a group of self-aware holograms that have revolted against what they consider to be their oppressors. This leads to a conflict for the Holodoc, who suddenly has to choose between his loyalties to 'Voyager' and what he considers to be his own people.

Finally, Biller also talked about the issue of Voyager's homecoming:

"Our biggest challenge in this last season is going to be how we can both surprise and satisfy the audience. People generally know this is our last year, and of course, Voyager is about a lost ship and a captain trying to get her crew home. Naturally, there is an expectation that they will succeed. And if we don't take the ship home, we have to ask ourselves exactly this question -- have we disappointed people that have invested emotionally for years in seeing this crew succeed with that objective? Without answering the question exactly, I will say it's a good question, and that it's a question we continue to struggle with, although we think we have ways to resolve it which will satisfy and surprise you."

You can find more at Cinescape, while the full interview will be in Cinescape magazine's Fall TV Preview issue, on sale soon.

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