News Bullets

By Caillan
June 18, 2001 - 10:26 AM

  • Over at Assignment X, Michelle Erica Green has re-opened her weekly column, 'Frequencies.' In this edition Green looks at recent happenings in the genre world, including the Saturn Awards, Trek X rumours, and Enterprise.

  • Recent updates at Delta Blues include a review of Voyager's 'Nightingale,' produced by Sara Wilcox and Jim Wright. The review, in which the episode is awarded two and a half stars out of four, can be found here. Also at the site is James B. Gardner's latest column, entitled "James Rambles On." Click here to find out more.

  • Fanfic author and reviewer monkee has updated her site with a review of Voyager's seventh season. "I'm going to miss it very much, indeed," she wrote. "I thought Voyager had the most intriguing premise, and the most appealing cast of characters. It never did live up to its potential, but there were a lot of bright spots over the years. That's what I'll try to take away from the series." The complete analysis can be found here.

  • On August 28th, Paramount will be releasing two more Original Series DVD titles. These are Volume 31, featuring 'Spock's Brain' and 'Is There In Truth No Beauty,' and Volume 32, which includes 'The Empath' and 'The Tholian Web.' To find out more, head over to DVD File.

  • has posted a report on the Slanted Fedora convention, held in February this year. The article contains full details of Nicole deBoer's (Ezri Dax) appearance, including some photos.

  • A new report on the "Women of Star Trek: Voyager" convention has been posted at Totally Kate! Also new are more photos of Roxann Dawson (B'Elanna Torres) as well as of the other guests, which included Nancy Hower (Samantha Wildman), Fintan McKeown (Michael Sullivan) and Jennifer Lien (Kes).

  • Psi Phi has been updated with the credits for the Voyager episodes 'Repentance' and 'Collective'.

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