Cynics Corner Season Six Review

By Christian
June 18, 2000 - 11:48 PM

Over at the Cynics Corner, David E. Sluss has put up his review of Voyager's sixth season. Awarding it a 6.5, Sluss writes, "The good news is that, on average, this was the best season of Voyager. The bad news is that, on average, this was the best season of Voyager."

The review consists of three parts, namely a look at the season as a whole, then 'autopsies' of all the individual episodes, and finally the Third Annual Cy Awards, with awards in categories such as 'Court-Martial Offense of the Year', 'Welfare Recipient of the Year', and of course the best and worst actors/actresses/episodes. Here's part of the introduction to the general season review:

This season is a lot like the last two. There are a couple of near-gems, loads of mediocre episodes, and several dogs. The near-gem-to-dog ratio was a little bit higher this year, but not enough to make Voyager a truly respectable series. Voyager still hasn't overcome or even attempted to address the many problems that have plagued the series since practically the beginning. I think we all know what they are, though some are unwilling to acknowledge them, but here's a partial list: Lack of consequences, lack of continuity, lack of consistent characterization, excessive use of contrivances and/or technobabble McGuffins, excessive use of cynical stunt casting, reset button and/or five-minutes-to-the-end endings, ridiculous science, and cliches. This show has always lacked focus, consistency and an adherence to the basic premise of the series, and this year was no exception.

For more, please follow this link.

Sluss also mentions at the site there'll be some more Cynics Corner articles to look forward to over the summer, and next year there will likely even be 'Andromeda' reviews. You can find the Cynics Corner by going here.

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