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By Christian
June 18, 2000 - 10:46 AM

Over at the Trek Nation, Fred Shedian has put up a new edition of his 'A Take On Trek' column, looking at the strange phenomenon of the first several seasons of a show not being nearly as good as the later ones:

With most incarnations of Star Trek, it is clear that the cast and their characters do not seem to "gel" until the show reaches the second or third season. Normally, this means that fans can look forward to four/five years of excellent story telling...but two/three of b-plot episodes. The question raised by the above mentioned reader was this, why does it take so long for casts to gel together? Today, let us take a look at this issue.

Read more about this in the full column.

Also new is a special article by Caillan Davenport, entitled 'The Voyager Conspiracy'. In it, he looks at the large amount of criticism the show has had to face:

Some of us out there actually like Voyager. Strange but true. Apparently, all we Voyager fans care about is action, action, action, how tight Seven of Nine's catsuit is, and how many times Tom and B'Elanna have had 'intimate relations'. What if I told you that I, and others, think that Voyager is a deep, meaningful series, with an engaging cast of characters, and a strong recurring theme? Given most of the recent commentary on the series, you'd probably think I was mad.

Why can't viewers accept Voyager for what it is, not what they want it to be? There is a conspiracy against Voyager - a conspiracy that paints the series as a mindless action show with little real characterisation, drama or "heart". There are many of us out there who think differently, however. Allow me to present our side of the story.

For the full article, please follow this link.

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