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By Michelle
May 18, 2005 - 7:15 PM

Pocket Books editor Margaret Clark has stated that there will be a Star Trek: Enterprise relaunch line of novels and that she already has a title in mind for it.

In a thread at the TrekBBS, Clark posted twice, saying that she was avoiding spoilers for "These Are the Voyages..." but that she has many ideas for explaining why there was no change in the NX-01 crew for six years as well as "the understory of what and why TATV happened and a lot more, going forward."

"Enterprise books sell," she noted, explaining why Pocket Books has published relatively few spinoff novels from the fifth series: "I just wanted to wait and avoid the land mines since Season Four kept doing stuff we wanted/planned to do."

Clark also recently discussed the first two upcoming Enterprise novels, mentioning a new book called Last Full Measure. In another TrekBBS thread, she also said that upcoming novel Rosetta by Dave Stern would focus on Hoshi Sato, and fellow editor Marco Palmieri said to expect that book in December.

For readers who can't wait, is now shipping Articles of the Federation, Keith R.A. DeCandido's story of the first year of Federation President Bacco's administration. DeCandido, who edits the S.C.E. series, addresses questions of technobabble and whether those books have a male bias in the BBS threads above. will also soon start shipping Tales from the Captain's Table, edited by DeCandido, a follow-up to the bestselling Captain's Table series. The nine captains whose stories are told include Archer, Chakotay, David Gold, Klag and Demora Sulu.

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