Paramount & RocketTalk Launch Trek Communicator

By Christian
April 18, 2000 - 9:08 PM

Paramount and RocketTalk just sent out a press release about a new product Rocket will soon be publishing: the Star Trek Communicator, a free Internet multimedia messagingsystem. Here's how the press release describes the product:

The RocketTalk-designed interface for the STAR TREK COMMUNICATOR transports viewers into the futuristic universe of the famed television series and motion picture franchise, where, once registered, users can send voice and text messages or establish instant real-time text and voice communications with other Star Trek Communicator users. An interactive broadcast platform, the STAR TREK COMMUNICATOR plays audio/video media for users to watch, talk and interact - all at the same time.

The Communicator will initially be promoted through a television advertising campaign that will run during 'Star Trek: Voyager'. The program itself will be available via Unusually for such a press release, Rick Berman himself was called upon to provide some commentary, and here's what he had to say:

"We are delighted to unveil the STAR TREK COMMUNICATOR, a fun and exciting way for fans to communicate with each other in real time and all for free. After more than 34 years of watching this futuristic technology on Star Trek, it's thrilling to team with RocketTalk to introduce the STAR TREK COMMUNICATOR to fans nationwide."

More can be found in the full press release, while an early version of the RocketTalk product, not yet branded with the Trek name, can be found at their web site.

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