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Moore Visits 'Star Trek XI' Set

By T'Bonz
March 18, 2008 - 2:59 AM

According to Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine veteran Ronald D. Moore, going outside of the franchise for Star Trek XI was a smart decision.

As reported by The Watcher, Moore visited the Star Trek XI set recently and was impressed with what he saw and heard. "I actually got to go down to visit the set," he said. "I actually wangled a set visit that I can say nothing about, other than that I was very excited. It was really a treat for me personally. I was very grateful to J.J. [Abrams] and Damon [Lindelof] for making that happen. I saw the sets and thought the production design was just great. I just really liked the visual of it. And the vibe on the set was incredibly positive and very up. People were feeling good and confident and happy. It was really great for me. It was great to be back at Paramount and to walk into a stage where there was a Federation starship."

Moore felt that going into Star Trek XI with fresh blood was a good idea. "I think that was a very smart decision. God love all of us that did all the series and the movies during those years, but that's a long time. There were a lot of tired people. A lot of tired blood. And it's time to bring in fresh eyes to it all. I think itís akin to when they brought in Harve Bennett [for the] 'The Wrath of Khan'. Gene [Roddenberry] had lived and breathed 'Trek' for a long time. He did 'The Motion Picture,' and 'The Motion Picture' is what it is. I certainly went to see it and loved it at the moment, but it was bloated and [had] overruns and there a sense of it not really finding its feet yet."

"Then they brought in Harve Bennett, who had no connection to the show, and [Nicholas] Meyer, who had never seen the show, and they reinvented it. They rescued the whole franchise. 'Wrath of Khan' makes all the subsequent 'Star Trek' projects possible. And I think that's where they are with the franchise now. They've brought in someone new, someone with no connection to the what's come before, who cares about it and says, 'Wipe the slate, let's make this version.'

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