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Berman Discusses 'These Are the Voyages...'

By Michelle
March 18, 2005 - 10:25 PM

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Star Trek: Enterprise co-creator Rick Berman confirmed that series finale "These Are the Voyages..." was written by himself and fellow executive producer Brannon Braga long before UPN cancelled the show, saving it at the end of the third season with the awareness that the series might get the axe from the network at any time.

In his regular chat with the Star Trek Magazine (via Sci Fi Pulse), Berman said that when he and Braga initially wrote the episode, "we did it with a feeling that there was a very good chance that the show would not be continuing, but that there was a possibility it might. And we wrote accordingly." He said that when producers receive word of a show's cancellation, they do not think in terms of a last-minute reprieve, but he said that even if the series came back it would not change the storyline: "It's not like we're destroying the ship or the crew. It's a very special and unique episode, a kind of episode we've never really done before."

Berman said that he was sorry he had been unable to provide more insights into the minor characters of the series, stating, "I wish we had time to develop things for Anthony Montgomery and Linda Park. You basically need to focus on your main characters and sometimes that happens to the detriment of some very talented actors who have less crucial roles on the show."

Along with Braga, Berman said he had recorded a commentary track for the Enterprise pilot, "Broken Bow", and would likely contribute another to one of the later-season DVD sets. "That was a ball to do," he noted, saying that the proposals for later disc additions have not been finalised yet.

The full interview, in which Berman talks about his favourite fourth season episodes and reactions to the cancellation, may be found in #120 of Star Trek Magazine - the 10th anniversary issue. These excerpts are courtesy Sci Fi Pulse.

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