Producer: Don't Fret About The Borg

By Antony
March 18, 2003 - 11:05 PM

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Fans who are worried that the introduction of the Borg into Enterprise will violate continuity have nothing to worry about, according to one of the show's consulting producers.

"[Writers Mike Sussman and Phyllis Strong] have done a great job with 'Regeneration'," David A. Goodman reassured visitors to The Trek BBS.

He went on to say little bit about the episode itself. "Everything you're worried about, regarding the Borg and Enterprise, will not happen," he wrote. "This episode doesn't violate continuity. In fact... it serves it.

"That's all I'm going to say," Goodman said, refusing to go into details. "I am morally opposed to spoilers," he explained, "as I think they ruin the viewing experience for even those people who think they want to know everything. So I'm not going to say anything specific."

His original post can be found here at the Trek BBS.

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