Dawson & Russ - What Was And What's To Come

By Amy
March 18, 2001 - 5:55 PM

As the end of the series approaches, Voyager cast and crew continue to be in high demand for interviews. Roxann Dawson (B'Elanna Torres) and Tim Russ (Tuvok) recently took some time out to speak to different people about both the show itself and other projects they have in the works.

"There has never been an episode of this show - and by that I mean one written for B'Elanna - that I've not learnt something," Dawson told UK magazine TV Zone. "That's how I work. Whenever I'm faced with a challenge I figure out a way to overcome it. I look at this show as an acting gym, and I've had a wonderful 'workout' playing all these Sci-Fi themes. You have to be careful too. An actor can become lazy portraying the same character for a long time. You've got to force yourself to keep on learning and not become complacent. Voyager has taught me all this and more."

The full interview with the actress, which also sees her look at her favourite episodes ('Drive', 'Faces', and 'Lineage') and her Tenebrea Trilogy of books, can be found in issue 137 of TV Zone magazine, out this month in the UK. Thanks go out to the Great Link for this!

Meanwhile, Tim Russ has been getting along with musical career and will soon have a new album out, according to a recent Q&A session held by StarTrekUK.com.

"The next CD," Russ said, "is entitled, 'Kushangaza' which is Swahili for 'amazing'." Currently set for release by July, it will be similar style to his last release, but will be less expensive. "I like this one better," he commented, "There will be fewer songs and it will be less expensive. It features pop, blues/rock, progressive rock, and folk rock. Two of the songs including the title track are mine."

Over the years, many fans have felt that the actor has suffered a dearth of quality screen-time. Russ, however, doesn't mind. "I think given the fact that I share the stage with eight other cast members, the writers have given Tuvok good coverage over the years." He also pushes aside any blame that might be apportioned onto his co-stars by his fan base regarding that perceived lack of airtime. "We as actors don't have any control over the design of the stories unless we pitch one that they buy. We just show up, say our lines and go home." He does, however, hope to get in some more time behind the camera - "I do hope to do more directing, perhaps on the new show!"

The rest of the question and answer session with Russ can be found here at StarTrekUK.com.

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