Three More 'Good Shepherd' Reviews

By Christian
March 18, 2000 - 1:08 AM

Over at Eon's Tube Reviews, Jeff Bond has put up his review of 'Good Shepherd', last Wednesday's new Voyager episode. Awarding the episode a C-, he didn't seem too impressed:

"We're all MISFITS!" Where's Hermie the Dentist when you really need him? Lately it's pretty easy to tell a VOYAGER dog just by the opening teasers, which more often than not do very little in the way of teasing. "Good Shepherd" opens with a purely technical exercise, starting with an impressive pan in from the bow of the Voyager to Janeway's ready room. Janeway gives some orders to Chakotay, and we eventually see bald special guest star Tom Morello (guitarist in the group "Rage Against the Machine") deliver a PADD from engineering to the lower decks just aft of the main deflector. In doing so, Morello inadvertently introduces our episode's "misfits": a hypochondriac, an incompetent Bajoran, and an egocentric astrophysics theorist who prefers being squirreled away in the lower decks where he can avoid humanity and work on his theories about the Big Bang. Our incentive for watching must be either a.) our awestruck wonder at this miniature tour of the ship, or b.) our fascination with these three featherweight characters. Let's see, where did I put that remote?

More can be found in the full review. Also just been put online is Blake Fischer's review at IGN Sci-Fi, awarding the episode no more than a 3 out of 5:

Voyager goes out on a limb and mostly succeeds. The new faces were welcome (if not always tolerable) and the plot went over well although the pacing was a bit off -- very slow until the end. Still, it was a slight better than average episode that didn't make me feel dirty watching it -- which is a good thing.

A more in-depth analysis can of course be found in the full review. Finally, Michelle Erica Green at AnotherUniverse's Mania Magazine has also put up her review, as part of a new 'Hailing Frequencies' column. Here's a quote:

For the most part, this episode was beautifully filmed. The first shot panned over Voyager, moving in from a distance to look into Janeway's ready room window as she gazed out at the stars. At the end of the opening sequence, the camera dropped away from Telfer working near a viewport at the bottom of the engineering section, moving away from the ship and into space in a reverse of the opening sequence. In general the shots were lively and creative, filming Harren's back over Janeway's shoulder to show a sense of distance, capturing Celes studying Janeway in the background, illustrating Harren's claustrophobic mindset by placing him in claustrophobic frames. It's easy to tell when Winrich Kolbe's directing.

In the rest of her review, Green isn't nearly as positive as in this quote, as you can read here. Also included in the column is a review of the new 'All Of Me' comic.

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