Efforts To Save Enterprise Draw Media Attention

By Michelle
February 18, 2005 - 12:46 AM

The latest reports on efforts to save Star Trek: Enterprise include an Associated Press article that briefly ran on CNN's front page and a fan campaign to raise the money to pay for a fifth season of the series independently of the studio.

CNN.com reported on the ad placed in The Los Angeles Times by EnterpriseFans.com, mentioning the planned rally on February 25th outside the Paramount lot in Los Angeles. "Trekkies are uniting to win a reprieve for Star Trek: Enterprise, slated to end its mission on UPN in May," noted the article.

The TrekUnited.com campaign is, in fact, attempting to raise the money to pay for a fifth season. "John Billingsley (Phlox) has stated the production of one Enterprise episode costs $1.6m. For 22 episodes, like in season 4, that boils down to $35.2m," notes the site's FAQ. Thus far the campaign has raised approximately $26,645.00 of the needed millions. The site also has links to events in Chicago and L.A. to raise funds and support for the series.

StarTrek.com reported on the grassroots fan efforts to generate interest in a fifth season as well, promising to pass along to the executives any messages sent to community@startrek.com. The official site suggested that fans refrain from faxing the studio or network as "the least effective" of options, which include petitions, e-mail and letter-writing as well as rallies and attempts to raise media awareness.

StarTrek.com also warned fans against making monetary donations to groups raising money in an attempt to keep the show on the air, noting that such groups "have no connection to Paramount, nor are their activities condoned in any way by the studio." SaveEnterprise.com has promised to donate excess funds to tsunami relief efforts, and TrekUnited.com states on its web site, "If no agreement can be found, the contributed money will be refunded to the fans, minus the transactional fees charged to us." The site claims to have the support of the cast, crew and studio, but it is important to note that no guarantees have been made by Viacom or any subsidiary indicating willingness to continue production on Enterprise no matter how much money is raised.

The BBC, The CBC and Hollywood.com are a few of the other news outlets covering efforts to save Enterprise.

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