UPN May Face 'Limited' Future

By Caillan
February 18, 2003 - 10:24 AM

Enterprise network UPN could soon be reclassified by Nielsen Media Research as a "limited network."

The ratings company categorises any network with 15 hours programming or more per week as a "full-fledged network," trade paper Variety reported. Last week the Walt Disney Co. elected to end their deal to provide children's programming to UPN (story), reducing the network's regular line-up to 13 hours a week and moving it into the "limited" range.

"We're in discussions with Nielsen about our reporting status, but the only thing it affects is our classification," UPN spokeswoman Joanna Lowry told the trade paper. "It's doesn't affect our programming."

If Nielsen does officially decide to reclassify UPN, it would not affect the way the company calculates its ratings. However, the network would be listed separately from full networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and UPN's principal rival, the WB, on Nielsen reports. UPN executives are reportedly not worried about the change, especially since it would reduce their Nielsen fees.

The original Variety article can be found here.

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