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By Amy
February 18, 2001 - 4:35 PM

  • Fomer Trek scribe Ronald D. Moore has gotten the green light to produce a pilot episode for his latest project, 'Dragonriders', based on the series of novels by Anne McCaffrey. At present, the series will be centered around the character of Lessa, with the pilot taking place during the timeframe of the novel, 'Dragonflight'. For more information, you can read the original report.

  • 'My Favorite Broadway: The Love Songs, which features Brent Spiner (Data) will air Sunday, March 4 on PBS according to Variety.

  • Australian Star Trek fans - some good news, finally. Channel 9 will providing a double-dose of Trek from this week, with DS9 starting its season 6 run with 'Sacrifice of Angels' on Tuesday at 11pm, while Voyager will kick things off with 'Night' at the same time Wednesday. Note: due to the modifications made to the site manager, we should shortly be carrying Australian TV listings

  • The latest edition of Star Trek Central writer Ariel's weekly column, 'Subspace Echoes' is out. This week, under the microscope are Captain Janeway, last wek's Voyager episode, 'The Void', and some of the issues raised by the previous week's column.

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