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An archive of Star Trek News

News Bullets

By Michelle
January 18, 2005 - 6:33 PM

  • William Shatner (Captain Kirk) and many other celebrities will donate their Golden Globe clothing and accessories to Clothes Off Our Back to benefit the UNICEF Tsunami Relief Fund. An auction for Shatner's Taryn Rose shoes is underway. (Note: Shatner wears a size 9.5 American.)

  • Spizz, the singer-songwriter of "Where's Captain Kirk?", has painted a version of the record sleeve featuring an illustration of the titular character, viewable here. The song was Single Of The Week at Melody Maker and became the first number one of the official Indie chart launched on 19th January 1980.

  • Business 2.0 calls Mozilla Firefox "Marketing's Borg", noting,
    Here's a neat marketing idea: Lock 40,000 people in a room. Combine their brainpower, divergent backgrounds, various skills, and colorfully disparate ideas. Then sit back and let this passionate collective spread your product across planet Earth. This Borg-like marketing approach is now under way at the Mozilla Foundation, and for now at least, it's working the way it did for those diabolical Star Trek villains.
    Thanks to TR.

  • Totally Kate! links to two new articles on Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway), in The Washington Post and The Howard County Times.

  • Robert Picardo (The Doctor) and John Rhys-Davies (Leonardo Da Vinci) appeared at a Planetary Society event to celebrate the Huygens probe's approach to Titan, noted The Pasadena Star News.

  • Newsday notes that John Billingsley (Phlox) narrates a multimedia planetarium show about the mission to Saturn's moons, Ring World, at the Vanderbilt Planetarium in New York.

  • Coming Soon reports that Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard) will voice a character in the North American dubbed version of Steamboy, due to be released by Sony's Screen Gems on March 18th. Thanks to TrekWeb.

  • Star Trek: Enterprise is returning to Channel Nine in Sydney, Australia starting January 26th at 12:30. It will pick up with the fifth episode of the third season, following the most recently aired episodes from October 2004. Thanks to Andrew.

  • Digital Home Canada reports that Star Trek: First Contact will be released on high-definition DVD later this year. Thanks to Bryan.

  • has published 150 DVD caps from the original series episode "Return of the Archons."

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