'Enterprise' Not Cancelled Yet

By Christian
January 18, 2005 - 5:20 PM

Enterprise showrunner Manny Coto today denied a rumour that crew members had already been told of the show's cancellation.

"It's another inane rumour," Coto told TrekToday. "Right now, the crew is building the sets for episodes 20-21, which I'm writing. Rick [Berman] and Brannon [Braga] are writing episode 22, which is going to be fantastic!"

British science fiction magazine SFX today suggested that Enterprise was on the brink of cancellation, after its longtime source 'Trekspy' reported the production crew would be laid off in March and the Enterprise season might be shortened to 20 episodes. Although Trekspy has an extensive track record going back to the days of Star Trek: Voyager, it appears he was wrong in this case. "As to the crew being let go in March," Coto said, "we've always been scheduled to finish production in March!"

As to the remainder of the current fourth season, Coto also denied rumours that Enterprise would be limiting itself to just bottle shows. "In the second half of the season, you can expect this: Stories that take place on Andoria, a Klingon moon, Romulan outposts, Romulan Marauders, Orion Privateers, Earth's Moon, Mars, a Constitution-class Federation starship and more. And you'll see a live Tholian... and a Gorn."

"As to whether or not we'll be back for Season 5," Coto continued, "that's always been up in the air. We'll see what the future brings."

SFX's original report from 'Trekspy' can still be found here.

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