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Official 'The Crossing' Details Released

By Caillan
January 18, 2003 - 4:28 AM

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The crew of the NX-01 are set to encounter a new noncorporeal life form in the upcoming Enterprise episode 'The Crossing'.

StarTrek.com posted the below official synopsis of the episode, currently scheduled to air March 19:

Enterprise is swallowed by an otherworldly vessel occupied by noncorporeal creatures who invade the bodies of crew members and trade consciousnesses with them.

Executive producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga wrote the episode's teleplay, based on a story developed by Berman, Braga and story editor Andre Bormanis. Trek stalwart David Livingston directed the episode.

The site also posted the guest cast list for the episode:

  • Joseph Will as Rostov
  • Steven Allerick as Ensign Cook
  • Alexander Chance as Crewman #1
  • Matthew Kaminsky as Crewman #2

'The Crossing' marks the third appearance of Joseph Will as Rostov, having previously played the character in last season's 'Vox Sola' and 'Two Days And Two Nights'. Rostov likely replaces the character of Crewman Rooney, who appeared in an early draft of the script (story).

Steven Allerick has guest starred in Relic Hunter, while Alexander Chance's credits include 'The Sweetest Thing.' Matthew Kaminsky previously played Cunningham in 'Singularity'; it is not know whether this is the same character.

Principal photography on 'The Crossing' ran from Wednesday, January 8 to Thursday, January 16. With the majority of the episode taking place on board Enterprise, only one extra set was built - part of the alien ship which swallows the NX-01 - to be augmented by CGI in post-production.

The original information can be found here at StarTrek.com.

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