Mixed Reception For 'Shattered'

By Christian
January 18, 2001 - 9:58 PM

  • According to a new report placed on the Star Trek Nielsen Ratings Information Database, yesterday's airing of 'Shattered' did quite well for UPN:

    Returning after the winter break, 'Voyager' doesn't seem to have lost much of its audience, with 'Shattered' taking in a 4.5 rating / 7 share. That is of course up compared to last week's 'Repression' rerun, and about level with most of the other first-run episodes this season.

    In the full overnight ratings report, you'll also be able to find timeslot competition info for the episode, as well as an outlook at the future.

  • Over at Cinescape, Michael Marek has put up his review of 'Shattered', which he thought was rather good, if similar to TNG's 'All Good Things':

    In the final analysis, "Shattered" is one of those episodes that, when summarized in a sentence or two, sounds like it could be an uninspired, formula script. What makes it work is the concentration, not on technobabble, but on the characters.

    A full synopsis and analysis can be found by following this link.

  • Also new is the review by TrekWeb's O. Deus, who liked the episode a lot less than Marek:

    In one sense Shattered is an amazing accomplishment, it's proof that you can make a clip show episode without using actual clips. As Voyager nears the end of its run, Shattered is an attempt at a self-congratulatory home movie from a show that sees little enough congratulations from the outside. And so we have a mild romp through Voyager's past, we meet some old favorites, see crucial events in the past as Chakotay struggles to complete a task it seems Harry Kim could pull off without blinking twice. This might not have been a bad idea if the majority of the audience really had a strong emotional attachments to Voyager and its past as might have been the cast with TOS or TNG. But Shattered shares the same problem as the series it commemorates, it has some merits but it doesn't inspire much emotion or feeling in its audience beyond a raised eyebrow or two.

    Read on here.

  • And finally, Rob Adams at Section 31 has posted his review of the episode, in which he describes the episode as "light but good" and awards it with a 9 out of 10. Click here for that review.

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