Gaming Bullets

By Amy
January 18, 2001 - 7:02 AM

  • GameVision's John "Award" Del Percio has posted his review of 'Star Fleet Command II: Empires at War'. He thoroughly enjoyed the game, rating it 100% for gameplay and depth, 99% for multiplayer and 98% & 97% respectively for sound and graphics.

  • Cnet's Gamecenter has posted a one-page preview of 'Deeps Space Nine: Dominion Wars', including a number of screenshots.

  • 3D Spotlight, on the other hand, has posted a tweaking guide to the already released Deep Space Nine game, 'The Fallen'.

  •, an unofficial 'Bridge Commander' site, has posted an interview with Totally Games' Larry Holland & David Litwin.

  • Dechiper, makers of the Star Trek customisable card game, have announced that they will be running a new tournament series based on the 'Mirror, Mirror' expansion set.

  • They have also updated the CCG current rulings page and timeline.
Thanks go out to Blues News for some of these!

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