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The Latest Shatner Round-Up

By Michelle
December 17, 2004 - 10:15 PM

William Shatner (Captain Kirk), who seems to be everywhere these days, is back in the news again, earning award nominations for both his acting and singing and getting attention for various appearances.

  • On the heels of the actor's Golden Globe nomination for his performance as Denny Crane on Boston Legal - a role for which he has already won an Emmy - XFM has nominated Shatner for Best Single 2004 for "Common People", which is featured on his album Has Been.

  • Cult TV reports that British viewers will be able to see Shatner as Crane on Living TV in spring 2005, the first Fox show on the network.

  • Shatner's daughter Liz, who works on his official web site, will be interviewed by Chase Masterson (Leeta) on on Monday, December 20th at 9 p.m. EST.

  • USA Today has put Shatner at number 31 on the Pop Candy "100 People of 2004" list, ahead of Donald Trump but well behind Johnny Depp.

  • And Innerviews has an interview with Shatner about the making of Has Been. The actor discussed how he crafts his lyrics:
    Iíve been near people dying...Iíve become fascinated and in the throes of the idea of death and what happens. But thatís too heavy to put into a musical thing. So, I wanted to do it in a lighter way and attempted to do that with "Youíll Have Time." [And] I was once on my way to Nashville and read a tabloid in an airplane and I see the term "has been" referring to me...itís such a stupid thing used by these stupid people as a pejorative. The truth of the matter is somebodyís been somebody and like a flower, you spring out, flower and then ultimately, the petals fall off one way or another in some time or another. It happens to all living things. To call a flower a has been is as idiotic as calling a great artist who hasnít done anything in the last while a has been. So, I went off on that and it became the title of the album.

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