First Plot Details For 'The Crossing'

By Caillan
December 17, 2002 - 10:57 AM

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Sources today revealed the first information on the upcoming Enterprise episode 'The Crossing.'

In the episode, Enterprise is disabled by an alien ship, and their weapons systems and engines go off-line. As the alien ship sits motionless in space - unable or unwilling to respond to Hoshi's communication attempts - strange things start to happen to the NX-01 crew.

While trying to restore power to the warp engines, Trip is taken over by an alien wisp, which enters through his forehead and leaves him dazed and confused. One of the engineering staff, Crewman Rooney, tries to talk to his superior, but Trip doesn't seem to take anything in and even calls Rooney "Sir." When Trip leaves, now possessed by the alien life form, Rooney contacts Archer on the bridge.

Later in Act Two, Trip is back to his normal self, but other problems have arisen, with Malcolm Reed now incapacitated. As Trip works with Rooney on the engines, the crewman confesses he doesn't know how to carry out the tasks Trip has asked him to perform - clearly Rooney has also been possessed by the aliens.

After polarizing the hull plating fails to keep out the alien life forms, the crew must work together to mount a defence before they are all taken over...

Please note that this information is based on extracts of an early draft of the script, and has not been confirmed by Paramount Pictures. Until then, you should treat these details as you would any rumour from an unofficial source.

'The Crossing' is the 18th season two episode to go into production and is likely to air in March or April, 2003.

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