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Ron Moore Denies Confirming 'Birth Of The Federation'

By Christian
December 17, 2000 - 1:52 PM

Adam Bailey just sent out the new edition of the Optical Data Network, his bi-weekly Star Trek newsletter. The issue features a short look at the recent interview with former Trek staff writer Ronald D. Moore, in which he also talked about the fifth Star Trek series and the rumours he'd heared about that. In the interview, Moore became the latest in a series of persons connected to Trek to say that the "word around to the studio" was that the next series would be a 'Birth of the Federation' show, though he also cautioned that he hadn't "heard that from anyone on the show".

Responding to ODN's request for comment, Moore clarified exactly what he'd said. "I'm a little mystified as to why anyone would think that I made some kind of announcement or something. I said very explicitly that I had no inside dope on the new series. I said I had not heard from anyone directly on the show, but that I'd heard the same basic rumors that everyone else had. Why chose to issue a blaring headline saying that I was "confirming" Birth of the Federation is beyond me. If I wanted to say that I had definitive word, then I would've said so. I was doing a 'Roswell' interview and got asked some Trek questions at the end. The whole section of the interview having to do with Trek took place after the Roswell questions and was much more off-the-cuff. To be clear: I don't know with any certainty what the new series is about. Period."

Moore's original statements on Series V can be found in this interview, which was later followed up by two parts dealing with 'Voyager' and 'Roswell'. This new response from Moore can be found in Volume V, Issue 17 of the Optical Data Network, which of course also includes a round-up of all the latest Star Trek news.

Of course, this again highlights the importance of not taking any rumours at face value, especially not about something so important as Series V or Trek X. Paramount hasn't yet officially announced anything about the new series, and until then anything you read about it should be taken as mere rumour or speculation.

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