News Bullets (2)

By Amy
December 17, 2000 - 9:51 AM

  • The latest edition of STC writer Ariel's weekly 'Subspace Echoes' is now online. This week, due to the somewhat of a lack of earth-shattering Trek news, she creates her own Trek X plot.

  • A transcript of Marina Sirtis' (Deanna Troi) appearance on 'Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher' is availible at ABC.

  • Section 31 is playing host to a just over 8-minute long Voyager musical video clip. It requires the DivX codec for viewing and is roughly 50MB in size.

  • Lawrence M. Schoen of the Klingon Language Institute has told Psi Phi that 'ghIlghameS', the Klingon 'Gilgamesh' as translated by Roger Cheesbro, will be published soon. To find out more, read the following brief article.

  • Over at the Cynic's Corner, there are two new German translations of David E. Sluss' Deep Space Nine reviews - 'The Sound of Her Voice', 'Tears of the Prophets' - and of his Season 6 summary.

  • The latest edition of the Trekker Newsletter is out, and, in addition to all the current news, it contains a couple of articles on the DS9: Horizons campaign.

  • Media Trek has posted a 9.7 MB video clip of Jeri Ryan's (Seven of Nine) recent appearance on 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien'.

  • The chance of there being other life within our solar system has just received another boost with researchers annoucing yesterday that Ganymede, the solar system's largest moon, may be host to salt water under a layer of solid ice. Thanks go out to Cirrus for this!

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