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'Star Trek XI' Teaser Official Release

By T'Bonz
November 17, 2008 - 6:47 PM

A short time ago, the official trailer for Star Trek XI was released online, several days after it debuted with the new Bond movie, Quantum of Solace.

As seen at The official Star Trek movie site, the new teaser for Star Trek XI is officially available online.

Going to the official site and clicking "view the new trailer" will take one to's site, where the trailer is hosted and can be seen in high definition.

As expected, fans arrived early, waiting for the trailer. About fifteen minutes after the announced time, the wait was finally over and eager fans were able to view the teaser on their computers, Ipod or Iphone.

The trailer starts off with a Corvette convertible racing along a dusty road chased by a police officer. The driver stops suddenly at the edge of a cliff and dives out of the car, almost going over the cliff himself. The youthful Corvette driver is none other than James Tiberius Kirk.

Kirk as a young adult is then seen riding a motorcycle as a voiceover says that "You've always had a hard time finding your place in this world, haven't you?"

The scene changes to Vulcan, where Spock, a young boy is seen. The voiceover in this scene says, "You will always be a child of two worlds." There is a flashback to shortly after Spock's birth. His parents are together with Amanda resting with the baby in her arms. She reaches up to caress Sarek's face. A young adult Spock is shown before a council and in a Starfleet ship hangar and the voiceover asks, "Which path will you choose?"

After that, the trailer speeds up. There are shots of ships, a space station, Amanda and others being taken off of Vulcan, Nero, Kirk and Spock arguing, freefalling, a scene in which the red alert klaxon is blaring and people are running through the corridors of a ship, Captain Pike, Lieutenant Uhura changing clothes, Doctor McCoy, some sort of monster, more fights, ship battle damage, an ice planet, a bit of intimacy, and damage to the USS Kelvin. The trailer ends with Nero saying, "The wait is over."

To see the video, go here. Or watch the embedded version below.

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