Trinneer: I Will Survive

By Michelle
November 17, 2003 - 11:11 PM

Connor Trinneer visited his alma mater, the University of Missouri-Kansas City, to talk to theatre students and discuss his work with other interested parties.

Speaking for an hour and a half in the Performing Arts Center last weekend, the actor assured fans that Tucker was not being killed off permanently in this week's episode, "Similitude", which he named as one of his favourites thus far on Star Trek: Enterprise.

He said that "Twilight" was his most-liked episode to date this season, but named "Shuttlepod One" at his all-time favourite, noting that he "wishes they would go more into the 'Trip and Malcolm' dynamics. That you know there is a friendship, but you only get a passing glimpse of it."

Filming "Shuttlepod One", he said, the dry ice cracked the metal floor and he "froze the whole time while filming."

Trinneer said that he believed UPN had considered cancelling Enterprise, but that since there is a third season, he thinks that Viacom will want a fourth season to sweeten syndication deals.

He noted that he was not concerned about typecasting, mentioning John Billingsley was in the movie Out of Time with Denzel Washington, and said he loved his job and going to work to do it.

His passion, he added, would always be stage work, though he is attending the director's workshop at Paramount of which Roxann Dawson, LeVar Burton and Robert Duncan McNeill are all alumni.

Many thanks to S.L. Meyer for sending in this report!

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