'Body And Soul' Reviewed

By Christian
November 17, 2000 - 12:11 AM

A day after the airing of the latest 'Voyager' episode, which according the new TrekToday poll was liked quite a lot by most of you, several reviews of the episode have of course already appeared online. First of all, there is Michelle Erica Green's review at AnotherUniverse. She was especially taken by Jeri Ryan's acting in the episode:

Even though it's not a Seven of Nine episode, "Body and Soul" features the Jeri Ryan performance I'll never forget. What a marvelous mimic she is! I've seen Robert Beltran do Janeway at conventions, I've seen Garrett Wang do Robbie McNeill, I've seen Bob Picardo do almost everyone, but none of them have mastered the nuances of the other characters with the flair and wit Ryan demonstrates in this episode. It's an extraordinary job, to take over the role of a character with facial expressions and mannerisms that constantly expose his dry wit, yet she's absolutely convincing as the Doctor. It really looks like he's pulling her strings. I'm just sorry she didn't get a breakthrough episode like this earlier in the series.

The full review includes more of her analysis as well as a full summary of the episode.

Meanwhile, over at TrekWeb O.Deus has put up his own review of the episode, wondering whether it was "a hoot or a howl". He didn't like the episode quite as much:

To begin with, it's hard to figure out why this episode was made. Could the producers really have taken a look at the 7th season so far and thought, "what we need here are more light episodes"? As it is, Body and Soul is an episode that swallows two interesting plot ideas inside a one-shot gimmick that manages to be passably entertaining for a Wednesday night. While UPN promos for Voyager have been historically deceptive, B&S's promo nails the episode pretty well. If you've seen the promo for Body and Soul, you'll find that there's not much to the episode you haven't seen.

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