New 'Hailing Frequencies' Column

By Amy
October 17, 2000 - 2:00 PM

Fandom's Star Trek Central has been updated with this week's edition of Michelle Erica Green's 'Hailing Frequencies' column. In addition to the usual round-up of news and rumors, Michelle takes a look at Voyager's ratings (better than usual),'s 'Memorable Moments' series and the comic 'Star Trek The Next Generation: The Killing Shadows', plus a brief review of last week's Voyager epsiode, 'Imperfection'.

"UPN is finally admitting that Torres and Paris will get married in "Drive." A network release reads, "An impromptu space race leads to foul play, danger and a wedding...Tom Paris [executes] a flawless evasive maneuver and a marriage proposal, simultaneously." In TV Guide's summary of the episode, "B'Elanna tries to rekindle the spark in her relationship with Tom Paris by enlisting as his co-pilot in a galactic rally celebrating a newly established regional alliance." First she goes along with his car fetish, then she makes him a television set...when is Paris going to do something for Torres rather than the other way around, and I don't mean just sticking a ring on her finger and getting her pregnant?

I'm not looking forward to "Drive" or "Lineage" (if that is indeed the new name for "Inner Child") nearly as much as I'm looking forward to Torres meeting old-fashioned Klingons and exploring her Maquis past. has posted an intriguing spoiler about "Repression," in which Tuvok hunts for an anonymous predator who leaves victims—including Torres and Chakotay—with a post-hypnotic suggestion to take over the ship. Who could it be? Seska's too obvious. Tuvok himself, since we know he's a telepath and worked undercover for the Maquis? A pre-launch plant from former Maquis Kasidy Yates? I just hope it's someone interesting."

For the full article, drop by here at Fandom's Star Trek Central.

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