New 'Body and Soul' Information

By Amy
October 17, 2000 - 12:48 PM

Cinescape Online have posted more of their recent interview with Robert Picardo (the Doctor), which reveals more information about the upcoming episode, 'Body and Soul'. In the interview, Picardo gives us a brief run-down of the episode and what we should expect in this comedy – for example, the Doctor as Seven of Nine getting high on sythenol.

"The Doctor, Seven of Nine and Harry Kim are on an away mission in a part of space where holograms are fugitives. It's hard to believe we have back-to-back shows about hologram uprisings, but in this region they're called photonics by a new race of aliens we meet called the Lokirrim.[...] The Lokirrim sensors reveal that there is a photonic, meaning me, on board the Delta Flyer. They attack the ship and insist Seven and Harry surrender the photonic, because in this sector's social structure, the photonics are in serfdom. In order to protect my program from being de-compiled by remote control, Seven of Nine downloads my program into her optic implant and I take over her body. So the basic slant of the show is that the Doctor is inside and controlling Seven of Nine."

For the full interview, click here and be magically transported away to Cinescape.

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