First 'Minefield' Image Revealed

By Lisa
September 18, 2002 - 1:02 AM

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'Minefield' - copyright Paramount Pictures The first image of an upcoming Enterprise episode has been made available online today.

The above picture is taken from 'Minefield', currently scheduled to be the third new Enterprise episode to air.

The image shows Dominic Keating as weapons and tactical expert Lieutenant Malcolm Reed. Dressed in a full EVA suit, the image shows the Armory Officer against the NX-01 hull appearing to flounder as he encounters an unforseen problem.

'Minefield' will reportedly see the Enterprise inadvertently veer into an enemy minefield. A bad situation grows worse when Reed gets stuck whilst attempting to detach a mine from the ship's hull. The episode is the first contributed to the series by former X-Files scribe John Shiban.

The episode is currently scheduled to air on October 2nd.

UPN today also released new images of new Enterprise lead-out show, The Twilight Zone.

Here, former Seinfeld actor Jason Alexander is seen in 'One Night at Mercy.' Alexander appeared in the Voyager episode 'Think Tank' as Kurros, and hosted 1999's 'Ultimate Trek' special.

'One Night at Mercy' focuses on Alexander's character, who believes he is Death Incarnate. It will be the second half-hour story to air after tomorrow night's Enterprise premiere.

'One Night at Mercy' - copyright UPN 'One Night at Mercy'- copyright UPN

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