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By Lisa
September 17, 2001 - 9:32 PM

  • UPN have released a new promotional image for Enterprise. The image below appears on the UPN web site, where it links to the UPN Enterprise site.


  • James Cromwell's (Zefram Cochrane) new series, 'Citizen Baines' is set to premiere on September 29th on CBS. The show features Baines as he deals with leaving life senator for three years after he loses his seat. He returns home to Seattle, Washington where he must find a new purpose in life. He will also reconnect with his three adult daughters. For a full report on the series follow this link to the Trekker Newsletter.

  • Also at the Trekker Newsletter is the seventh report from the 35th Anniversary Convention in Las Vegas by Jacqueline Bundy. The report deals with the final day of the convention, dedicated to the Voyager cast. Among other quotes, Robert Beltran (Chakotay) commented that "I never felt that Chakotay and the Captain should get together." On his relationship with Seven of Nine, he said "Maybe if I had ever said more than 'hello' to her I could have understood it."
    For the full report head over to the Trekker Newsletter.

  • Variety reported that after last week's terrorist attacks on America, cable channel TNN postponed the showings of the films 'Martial Law,' 'A Killer in the Family' and 'Chrome Soldier.' In their place, three Star Trek films will be airing.

  • Sci Fi Fact of the Day is celebrating the launch of Enterprise by featuring all Trek facts until the premiere on September 26th. Thanks go out to Richard Whettestone for spotting this!

  • Trek's longest-serving email newsletter, the Optical Data Network is about to undergo a few changes. These are outlined here at the ODN web site.

  • Fancy taking an email course in 'Star Trek Theology and Ethics?' Then why not check out Rev Russ' Ruminations on the subject. Russ says "It does not try to win anyone over to any belief. The course just discusses ethical and theological issues raised in the 'Star Trek' cosmos."

  • Psi Phi's Book Database has links to a host of new Star Trek book reviews available at

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