Russ Praises Berman And Braga

By Christian
September 17, 2001 - 10:54 AM

Voyager star Tim Russ (Tuvok) said last week that he disagreed with those fans who accuse producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga of having a negative influence on the franchise.

"I think it's quite the opposite," Russ told in an interview that is now available for free download. "I think that Rick Berman was very adamant about maintaining the integrity of the look and feel plus the philosophy of Star Trek that had been laid down by Gene Roddenberry. On some occasions it was frustrating to us because they would not move away from or try to change any of those kinds of things. [With Enterprise], I think you'll find it'll be a little bit different because the storyline takes place before the rules of the Federation come into place. You'll have a little bit wider and broader character choices and motivations that will happen for those series because it won't be locked into Federation rules.

"But I think that Voyager and TNG and DS9 have to ome degree maintained Roddenberry's vision and rules," Russ continued. "Certainly from a technical standpoint. The way the ships were designed, the way they looked, and certain things you never saw. Philosophies and storylines - we explored everything from the soul to the origins of man. There were difficult decisions by characters to solve problems, dilemmas that were presented, and I think we did that very consistently. I think that they definitely held up the integrity of the show and of the creator's vision and that they've done a very good job."

With Enterprise forcing less restraints upon the producers, Russ thought they were already doing a good job on the new series. "I have actually had a chance to see the sets of Enterprise, and it's pretty impressive. They take up roughly three soundstages - they're very expensive, and they're very retro-Star Trek, if you will. As the story takes place prior to the formation of the Federation, their technology is very different than what we had in our ship. It's very cool - very, very cool. I think everybody is going to like the way it looks."

As for Voyager, Russ was doubtful it had much of a future beyond the television series. "As far as the future of Voyager in feature films, [that has] to be determined by the producers and the studio, whether they feel that there is a viable market for a feature film based on Voyager. But the fact is that we just came home in the series' end, so I think it would be counter-productive to make a project with a storyline with us still in the Delta Quadrant. Once we get back, everything is changed, so I personally don't foresee that happening. There will probably be other Star Trek movies, but I doubt if it will specifically be a Voyager storyline."

Even without a Voyager film, the actor expected to stay busy - and not just with acting. "I will always work, or have the opportunity to work as an actor, so I will continue to do that as it comes along. I hope to be producing and directing my own projects very soon. I've got a couple in the wings that I'm working on. And also musically I'm probably going to still play, to still perform, live, and eventually I'll certainly put together a fourth music project. But only about 30% of my time will be dedicated to music."

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