BBC Shows 'Broken Bow' Footage

By Caillan
September 17, 2001 - 9:27 AM

The BBC gave UK viewers a sneak peek at Enterprise last night when it aired a scene from 'Broken Bow' during its Star Trek extravaganza.

In the clip, which took place in the ready room, T'Pol is introduced to Chief Engineer Charlie Tucker. Captain Archer then confronts T'Pol about Vulcans' motives. Courtesy of Cyfy Pulse and 'Mr Nibbles', here is a transcript of the scene:

[Tucker extends his hand to T'Pol.]
Tucker: "I'm called Charlie."
T'Pol: (dryly) "I'll try to remember that."
[Archer turns to T'Pol.]
Archer: "While you may not share our enthusiasm about this mission, I expect you to follow our rules. What's said in this room and out on that Bridge is classified - privileged information."
[Archer pauses.]
Archer: "I don't want every word I say being picked apart the next day by the Vulcan High Command."
T'Pol: "My reason for being here is not espionage. My superiors simply asked me to assist you."
Archer: "Your superiors don't think we can flush a toilet without one of you to 'assist' us."

Brannon Braga photo - courtesy, copyright Paramount Pictures During the interviews with Enterprise creators Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, schematics of the new Enterprise, the NX-01, could be seen in the background. This image, which is courtesy of, shows the underside of the starship, which appears to be cone-shaped. It is not known whether these are simply conceptual drawings or official schematics of the NX-01.

Executive producer Rick Berman talked about the use of science on the new series. "The new series I think will be more grounded in science than any of our other series, simply because science is at the centre of what we're doing," he said. "As we pick up the series, the 90-year period of trying to develop the warp 5 engine has finally come to fruition. And against the better judgement of the Vulcans, an event occurs to launch [the new Enterprise NX-01] a little bit earlier than it should. What we're going to be seeing science-wise is all the things that the fans are aware of as being part of Star Trek, but we're going to be seeing them at a very early, formative stage."

Science advisor and Enterprise staff writer Andre Bormanis discussed how technology has impacted the development of the show. "I don't think anyone in the audience would expect us to go back to a 1950s production standards to do this new series," he said. "But what we can do is suggest a ship that is more utilitarian, smaller, that cannot travel as fast, that has technologies that were well established in the original series but are experimental in this new series. The lighting is different - there is a sense that they're in something that looks more like a 22nd century nuclear submarine than a starship."

Presented by Jonathan Ross, the night featured several documentaries on areas of the Trek franchise, as well as showings of the DS9 episode 'Trials And Tribble-ations' and 'Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.' The 'Captain's Contest' was won by the Voyager episode 'Counterpoint,' the favourite episode of Kate Mulgrew (Kathryn Janeway).

Thanks to Cyfy Pulse and for this!

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