Keating, Trinneer Sorry To Lack Faith of the Heart

By Michelle
August 17, 2005 - 9:59 PM

Dominic Keating and Connor Trinneer, co-stars and friends from Star Trek: Enterprise, felt that the show never really had a chance to explore its potential and conceded that the theme song might have been part of the problem.

"'It's been a long time getting from here to there...this time I'm going to make it.' A lot of stalwart fans didn't want to hear the captain whimpering about that, though," Keating told What Satellite (via When Trinneer said he thought fans would have preferred a heraldic theme like those on the other Star Trek shows, Keating joked, "the Third Reich march. We will conquer the space...tThe idea was it was a sort of retro feel and the whole bridge and the ship itself was Das Boot-ish, that sort of thing."

Keating, who played Malcolm Reed, was sorry that he never had a love interest - "I got a couple of fling-ets, that were treated as a joke" - and said he would have been up for another three seasons of the show. "I loved going to work, to be honest, I really did. Lovely camaraderie and great crew and just regular employment with a nice cheque at the end of every 10 days. Can't beat it with a short stick."

Trinneer, who played Trip Tucker, was sorry that there were not more episodes focusing on the introduction of aliens. "They always glossed over the first contact - we never investigated the first contact, which I thought we could have had a lot of mileage with," he said. However, he is surprised that the media has sounded the death knell for the franchise, which he feels is premature. "My instincts don't tell me that. I think they're going to put it to rest for a while."

Keating also spoke to SFX (also via, in which he talked about getting in trouble for snogging a girl at a tennis club, acting in drag to get his Actors Equity card and how he doesn't think he could beat any of his Enterprise co-stars in a fist fight.

The Trinneer-Keating interview is in issue #228 of What Satellite and the Keating Q&A is in issue #134 of SFX. Both may be found at

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