Majel Roddenberry On The Trek Phenomena

By Lisa
August 17, 2001 - 10:18 AM

Majel Roddenberry wife of creator Gene Roddenberry was recently interviewed about her long time involvement in the franchise and her hopes for its future.

"It's totally incomprehensible," she told Ian Spelling in a new edition of his Inside Trek column. "I cannot conceive of a phenomenon like this happening anywhere. It's kind of like having a miracle go on and on and on and on, where people see things that aren't really there, in religion and so forth."

"I think, 'Oh my God, where did it come from? Will it never go away?' I guess it's not going to go away. Of course, I'm delighted. My personal reaction is 'Bring 'em on!'"

Though she won't be making an appearance on Enterprise and is cutting back her involvement in other Roddenberry projects like Earth: final Conflict and Andromeda (story), Roddenberry said she would still like to make an appearance on Series V. "Remember, this is 100 years earlier, and they haven't invented the computer voice yet." she explained. "I'd love to do a scene where I record the computer voice, but I don't know about being seen doing it because I'd eventually evolve into Nurse Chapel if you kept it chronologically correct. [...] If they did a scene of me recording the voice, I suppose you could shoot me from the back and go ahead and record it. But I don't think they're going to do that. They finally got rid of me, so why would they put me in again?"

Roddenberry also doubted that she would be asked back to make a cameo appearance in the next Star Trek feature film. "As I said, the last Roddenberry is off the lot, so I can't imagine them bringing me back," she said. She was delighted to hear about rumours of a certain marriage in the film (story). "I didn't even realise they were going to marry them off. I think that's wonderful. I'd be interested in being there for that."

More from Roddenberry, including her thoughts on other Roddenberry shows and Enterprise, appear in the original feature at Inside Trek.

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