New Season Seven Promos

By Christian
August 17, 2000 - 11:20 PM

Mr. Video Productions has updates his site with three new promo videos for Voyager's seventh season, recently released by UPN. These are the new trailers:

  • Hero Generic - a 32-second promo video. The voice-over says "Some legends live forever. Some heroes die young. But all great adventures must come to an end." The clip has scenes from many of Voyager's past seasons, including ones of Kes and her special powers, of Tuvok and Torres shouting "Captain, you'll be killed" and of Harry Kim falling out into space.

  • Home Generic - a 22-second video, containing what looks to be non-show footage shot especially for these promo videos. In the trailer, all Voyager stars are shown saying the names of their home planets, while a voice-over says "They come from different planets. They long for the same thing. To find their way home."

  • Seven of Nine Generic - another 22-second promo, featuring Jeri Ryan, in character as Seven of Nine, saying "I have long since accepted what the Borg did to me. What I will not accept is defeat. I am confident we will discover a way home. Failure is not an option."
You can download the new promo videos, which don't seem to contain any actual new footage from the show itself, by going to this page on Vidiot's site.

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