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By Christian
August 17, 2000 - 12:14 AM

  • Alan Dean Foster, who co-wrote the story for 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' and novelised the entire Animated Series, is interviewed on GameSpy, talking about movie vs. game novelisations, his experiences writing both, and more.

  • The Digital Bits is reporting that Paramount will start releasing DVDs of 'The Next Generation' starting in the second quarter of 2001. Thanks go out to Cai Berger for this!

  • Psi Phi has been updated with a 'press release from Starfleet Command, via the Federation News Service, announing that it will soon be issuing a special journal of breathtaking images: the history of intersteller travel. The news item is related to a new hardcover book Pocket will be releasing in Winter 2001, called "The Unseen Frontier: Declassified Images from the History of the Federation", and filled with starship images.

  • All week long, Chris McDonald is appearing as a celebrity square on the Hollywood Squares show. McDonald appeared in TNG's 'Yesterday's Enteprise' as Lt. Castillo. Thanks go out to the official Star Trek site for this!

  • is also reporting that the new film 'Love and Sex', opening in limited release in New York and Los Angeles this weekend, features Famke Janssen (Kamala, 'The Perfect Mate') and Robert Knepper (Wyatt Miller, 'Haven').

  • The new edition of Radio Free Decipher comes from the GenCon convention, and also deals with the recent announcement of Decipher obtaining the Trek RPG license.

  • According to a report on the German Star Trek Index, the German TV station Kabel 1 has bought the rights to broadcast the Original Series, starting in 2001. The station will be airing daily broadcasts of TOS in the early evening. Sat.1 still has the right to the other three series.

  • GunnLace has a new Real-audio interview with Sean Kenney, who played the crippled Captain Pike in the Original Series' only two-parter, 'The Menagerie'. In the interview, he talks about the current state of the Trek franchise, as well as about some of Gene Roddenberry's dealings with executives during the time of TNG.

  • The official Star Trek site has a 30-second promo video for Voyager's final season, consisting of a collection of clips from Voyager's previous seasons.

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