Braga Addresses Online Script Leaks

By Caillan
July 17, 2002 - 4:29 PM

Enterprise co-creator Brannon Braga isn't too keen on detailed synopses of upcoming episodes appearing on the Internet, but says it's proof people are interested in the series.

"On the one hand, you're really disappointed that the entire plot line of part two of the cliffhanger can be seen [online] right now," Braga told the Beacon Journal's R.D. Heldenfels. "But on the other hand, better an obsessive interest than no interest. It's great that people even care enough to retype the entire script for the Internet."

Speaking at UPN's recent promotional press junket, the writer said the leaks are a by-product of the information age. "We get criticisms of our scripts the day they go out [to show staff]. People are posting the script [on the Internet]. It is a problem. Unfortunately, our scripts go out to hundreds and hundreds of people, including casting agents and all sorts of different kinds of people. It's very hard to control who might be getting a script and logging on."

Braga said he often reads online forums and discussion groups to gauge the latest opinions. "Generally speaking, the fans are incredibly articulate and passionate. And it's worth paying attention to. It's the equivalent of getting fan mail in some ways - except it's much more candid because they don't know you're reading. There's a lot of expletives and insults. But if you can get through that, there is a lot of very valuable feedback."

But don't expect to see the producer posting on anytime soon. "Many years ago, I went on and angrily said, 'You know, you haven't seen this damn episode yet. How can you say it's a bad episode?' It just was bad. Now, I don't generally go on. There's no point to it. And most people don't believe it's me anyway."

The full interview, in which Braga also talked about the fan reaction to Porthos, head over to the Beacon Journal.

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