SlipstreamWeb Opens

By Christian
July 18, 2000 - 12:14 AM

Over the past year, many of you will probably have noticed that TrekToday wasn't just a Star Trek site, as I also reported everything on 'Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda' I could find. However, with the Fall debut of 'Andromeda' rapidly approaching, this has now finally ended, as we've just opened a site dedicated purely to Andromeda:

Like the Trek Nation, SlipstreamWeb consists of several main sites. SlipstreamNews is similar to TrekToday, providing frequent news updates on the series, while at the Slipstream BBS you can talk about anything Andromeda-related. The All Sites Commonwealth doesn't have a Trek Nation counterpart, but is the net's only Andromeda web directory. Finally, at SlipstreamWeb itself you'll be able to find an episode guide, articles, and, once the series starts, weekly episode reviews by Julia Houston!

We've also already posted the first actual SlipstreamNews item: an official update to the 'Andromeda' episode list, containing the titles of four upcoming episodes. It also includes the news that the episode 'The Sum of its Parts' will be written by Steve Barnes, a science fiction writer who has written several books together with Larry Niven, as well as the novelization of DS9's 'Far Beyond The Stars'. Read more in the full news item.

Please be sure to pay SlipstreamWeb a visit - I hope you'll find it as useful as the Trek Nation! The

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