Kenneth Biller Talks Season Seven

By Christian
July 17, 2000 - 3:15 PM

Over at Cinescape, they've put up Part One of a big interview with Kenneth Biller, the new executive producer of 'Star Trek: Voyager'.

In the interview, Biller mentions they'll be working hard next season to wrap up some series-long character arcs, with special attention paid to Janeway's "ongoing and single-minded quest to get her crew home". Of course he wouldn't reveal whether she is actually going to succeed in that quest, but he did say that "it will get exacerbated this season to the point that she is really feeling the pressure. She'll have to decide just how far she is willing to go to succeed." Another arc that will be resolved is the Paris/Torres romance, according to Biller:

"We now have a few different storylines that will resolve their relationship in a way that is surprising and in tune with Star Trek without being soap opera-ish. Part of the arc involves Voyager encountering a generational Klingon ship that has been traveling from the Alpha Quadrant toward the Delta Quadrant for many years. [...] The offspring of the original Klingons who went off on this journey are people who don't understand that their fight with the Federation ended decades ago."

Of course, Seven of Nine's character will also be further developned next season, with Seven "taking some significant steps toward becoming a more fully rounded human being", but there'll also be an episode focusing on Harry Kim:

"[We're] doing an episode where you'll see Harry Kim pushed to his core, where he is forced to realize and acknowledge the fact that if Voyager doesn't get home, he's hit a glass ceiling. He's going to be stuck on this ship as an ensign for conceivably his entire professional career. That means giving up his dream, which is to captain a starship. He's going to be confronted with an opportunity to do that, and it's really going to test him and force him to examine how to balance his own desires with his loyalties to his family on Voyager."

And finally, Biller mentions the Maquis/Starfleet tensions will arise once more, in a "psychological thriller" pitting some of the Starfleet officers against the former Maquis. This will probably be connected with Voyager getting nearer to Earth, where the Maquis are still considered criminals.

The full interview can be found at Cinescape. In part two, which will be posted tomorrow, we'll learn more about the November telemovie, as well as getting a few hints on when the ship will finally get home.

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