'Voyager' Back In Production

By Christian
June 17, 2000 - 10:50 PM

Over at Raven Software's official 'Voyager: Elite Force' forums, Harry Lang, director of interactive product development, announced on Wednesday the 14th of June that the "Voyager cast and crew are back on the lot starting production on the 7th and final season".

Less than three weeks ago, former Star Trek Script Coordinator Lolita Fatjo mentioned shooting would start a week later, on the 22nd of June, so perhaps 'Unimatrix Zero, Part Two' got finished early, or this is an indication of UPN wanting to start the new season early.

In any case, this begins the countdown to the 'Voyager' series finale, scheduled to air during next year's May Sweeps. Due to conflicting reports it is not yet known when the ship will actually make it back to Earth, but presumably we will be seeing the first steps toward this resolution being taken fairly early in the season already, following on from the arc started with 'Pathfinder' and 'Life Line'. First, however, this year's cliffhanger has to be resolved in 'Unimatrix Zero, Part Two', and the first rumours on this have already surfaced. This should prove to be an interesting season.

Thanks go out to Lee Jamilkowski for this!

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