Paramount Releases Series V Character List

By Christian
May 17, 2001 - 7:08 AM

The official list of characters in Enterprise was released by Paramount yesterday, finally completely confirming the casting sheet that has been on the internet for over ten weeks now. posted the list of characters, some of which have been slightly changed since Paramount began its casting process:

  • Scott Bakula will be playing Captain Jonathan Archer. Originally, this character was known as Jackson Archer.
  • John Billingsley will be playing the ship's medical officer, Dr. Phlox.
  • Jolene Blalock will be playing the ship's Vulcan first officer, T'Pol. Originally, this character was known as T'Pau, and for a brief moment three days ago as T'Pal (story).
  • Dominic Keating will be playing weapons man Malcolm Reed. Previously, some uncertainty existed over whether Keating would be playing this character or Charlie Tucker.
  • Anthony Montgomery will be playing navigator Travis Mayweather. Originally, this character was known as Joe Mayweather.
  • Linda Park will be playing communications officer Hoshi Sato.
  • Connor Trinneer will be playing engineer Charlie Tucker.

In addition, the official site also confirmed Series V will be set aboard a 22nd-Century Enterprise. Detailed cast biographies will be posted on the site soon.

Cast photos and bios can already be found in this news item on the official Enterprise announcement, while more information on the characters can be found in the casting sheet sent out by Paramount in early March.

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