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By Christian
May 17, 2000 - 11:08 PM

Canadian TV Guide Cover As we reported about a week ago, the new edition of the Canadian TV Guide features a cover story on Star Trek, and Voyager's final season. Todd Felton just sent in scans of the article, entitled 'The Journey Home', and written by Brian Hartigan.

As was perhaps to be expected from a mainstream media publication, the article doesn't contain much new info on either 'Voyager' or Series V. It starts by confirming that 'Unimatrix Zero' features the return of the Borg Queen, and then moves on to the rumours for Trek's future, including the already-known speculations from Robert Picardo (the Holodoc) and other people that Voyager may get home sometime around November. However, recent interview with Rick Berman, who mentioned Voyager's homecoming would probably be dealt with in a Final Chapter similar to DS9's, does cast doubt on this.

After that, the article moves on to the prospects for a tenth Trek feature film, which they don't consider good for the near future, as they (erroneously) state there "hasn't been a peep from Paramount regarding a possible 10th Star Trek feature film". In reality, of course, the fact that there will be one has been confirmed several times by both the producers and some of the TNG stars.

Regarding Series V, they quote Brannon Braga's speech at the recent Grand Slam convention, in which he confirmed there would be one, but that they hadn't nailed down a concept yet. In addition, the article contains a summary of half a dozen internet Series V rumours, including 'Excelsior', 'Birth of the Federation', 'Starfleet Academy', 'Flight Academy', 'Section 31', and two premises I've never seen before, a 'Valiant'-type series and a Ferengi-only series.

Besides this, the article also contains goodies such as cast photos and a listing of interesting guest stars, and Hartigan ends his article by expressing his belief that Trek will 'live long and prosper'. Thanks go out to Todd Felton for these scans!

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